Sunday, July 11, 2004



American communities have become intertwined amongst themselves to make foreigners scapegoats to be played with as per their whims and fancies. Fuel of foreign blood and oil is excessively and illogically wasted to circle around foreigners blocks with unnecessary press of accelerator and brakes to create loud noise of vehicles when passing foreigners blocks. Vehicles are used to intimidate foreigners in subtle ways and racial profiling attitude of cops to intimidate foreigners at their residences and at traffic lights, are a blotch on the absolute corrupted power of the of these racist cops. Headlights of vehicles are aimed at the windows of foreigners residences, vehicles, and on persons, to disturb them and to indicate that their every move of living, and switching on or off of any room lights, and driving, and walking, are being watched. Remote video cameras – red eye lenses are installed in american residences surrounding foreigners residences to play games with foreigners every move being watched. Foreigners homes and rented apartments are bugged through bulbs, blower vents, carpets, wooden floorboards, etc. Switching on-off any lights, or sleeping or waking at irregular hours or going out of home at any time of a foreigner is accompanied with these neighbors reporting to cops on cell phones resulting in cops sounding wailing sirens to disturb or create fear without cause, only to forcibly enhance jobs of security personnel. Foreigners walking inside bugged homes is a disturbance to the community, whereas loud accelerating of cars is not. Turn the blinds or move the curtains on windows of homes/apartments in a different direction, at any time, and the local american community gets disturbed in their evil watching of foreigners; then cell phones are used to call any nearby vehicles to pass loudly near foreigners living areas. Dogs are made to bark and almost pounce menacingly at foreigners, but not at locals. Cops and the law are blatantly corrupt and racist to be on local americans side and against foreigners in all issues with outright racism, discrimination and human rights violations. If foreigners report to cops, the cops respond that they cannot do anything much about it, or they respond that they do not believe the foreigners complain matter, and will not play the game the foreigners are playing! Opposite would be more true. Cell phones and cell phones with cameras are used to watch and gossip wrongly and distortedly about foreigners with the rigid limited brainwashed wrong perceptions of local americans about foreigners. Foreigners telephones and internet connections are bugged in parallel connections with a whole range of neighbors around. Every time a foreigner goes on the internet or lifts up the phone or dials a number, neighbors either themselves or through communicating with passing cars in the vicinity, will create loud noises and movements of cars around, or loud barking of their dogs, or loud banging of car doors outside foreigners homes. That all this causes disturbance and wastage of locally cheap fuel, that is due to contained inflation, that is due to colonialism imposed poverty through the blood and sweat of poor people in other countries, seems to be of no significance to these arrogant egotistic americans bent on hiding the truth about terrorism :– i.e., the americans are the real terrorists worldwide, same as the british, and the white americans are racists and cannot bear foreigners or peoples of other races. Snail mail of foreigners is illegally opened and the personal contents of letters are recorded on their evil computers to be given to whole community to play sly evil personal and psychological games that reflect the ugly behavior of the participants in such ugly deeds on other peoples personal matters. Americans and whites and their communities seem to have forgotten that famous quote : "Thou beholdest the speck in others eyes when you cannot see the log in your own" in the way they think they have become demi-gods over other countries, resources, and money. The behavior of these colonialists illegally and forcibly stealing other peoples and other countries resources and privacy is enough shock for the world forever and their sins shall not be forgiven them.

Local americans are involved heavily in drugs, hard drinks, teen pregnancies, over-consumption of alcohol and food, over-consumption of gasoline through illogical, arrogant, and wasteful driving of oil-guzzling vehicles (they could well do with real hard and pragmatic lessons in austere living for the general and overall benefit of mankind). All this happens at expense of poor people in developing countries through bringing the elite in developing countries on side of developed countries such as america, to enable america to cheaply grab and steal the resources of the developing countries in a vicious cycle that drains the developing countries and never enables their status to be changed to developed ones despite lofty promises from developed nations.

Foreigners in america are judged every second for their breathing and living and moving in and out of their homes under so-called legalized illegal accusation of viewing all foreigners as terrorists. Anyone disagreeing with blatant and outright human rights violation against foreigners is considered a terrorist and more severely judged, just so that the whites can take sadistic pleasure in evil racial profiling and discrimination against foreigners, and so that the evil doers of the american axis of evil can save their stinking asses and their stinking chairs of their ugly deeds of mass genocide and human rights violation. However, as their economy needs foreigners and their money, they make policies to welcome foreigners under the so called modern strict terrorism control rules, and once the foreigners land in america, they expect them to live like prisoners everyday.

They teach their women to be flirts in everyday life. 80 million american housewives bitch and gossip, having nothing better to do, obnoxiously affecting the atmosphere in various circles. They teach in their textbooks that muslims overseas in so-called conservative countries watch Baywatch on cable and television and are enticed by american bitches who shamelessly expose their fleshy bodies fattened on money that america has grabbed illegally from resources of the world. Where a society uses women in this manner, it reflects the stench of the garbage society, in this case the white stench of american trash. The truth is that american society today is in a real downslide, even as its media tries to portray a glittering image of america in their brainwashing attempt.

Everything is subject to manipulation and whims and fancies of those in power in america. Surprisingly, in a country renown for its statue of liberty and freedom statutes, more of strangling dictatorship and expectations of silent obedience, suppression and oppression prevails in american society, than one would have thought it possible from the outside world. Students grades are subject to manipulation by the professors, depending on what the professors, professors colleagues, other blue-eyed students of the professors, and the gossiping community from the students neighborhood think, in their limited perceptions, about this or that student. Students and professors who voice disagreement about human rights violations over themselves or over others, are totally unwelcome. Basically, it is that they are welcome only because their money and brains are required to run this war-bankrupted country, but otherwise they are totally unwelcome. Racism is at the height of its evil. All humane rights and healthy and free living are forbidden. Same as empty vessels make more noise, egotistical talks are made by arrogant americans about free society and everything on merit, however, not much of it is true. Most of real issues are exactly opposite. These couch potato narcissistic americans knowingly or unknowingly live on international money, efforts, sweat, and brains; however, they illegally, unethically and boisterously take the credit for it themselves. Guzzling their animal bodies in illicit hard liquor and their monstrous vehicles in illicit oil plundered from other countries, a culture of obesity and over consumption prevails amidst umpteen drugs, sex scandals, teen pregnancies, 60% plus and going on to 80% divorce rates; uncaring for their souls and their children’s souls, they float arrogantly and ignorantly in their bloated egos, as their illegally contained inflation, albeit at the expense of worlds poverty, enables the average american to enjoy materially high standards of living and high-tech gadgets to thrive illegally on; however, they are blind to their speedy non-stop spiritual decline and downslide in to an ever-deep and ever-widening chasm ahead. Pre-historic attitudes prevail amongst americans with their hoisted american flag outside their homes in rigid idol worship to distinguish themselves from foreigners on whose money these americans survive today; not realizing that flags are the cause of wars and animosity.

They will also try to wastefully drive their cars to arrogantly boast about their evil rigid earthly limited material technological self-bloated smartness that they can listen in to other peoples homes, and have parallel connections with other peoples internet computers, and that they know exactly where others are, that they want to have one over foreigners and others, etc, to boisterously prove all this and that they americans are above others; tons of fuel, time, money, and energy will be wasted in cars driving wastefully around, and local planes flying low overhead with loud acrobatics, even without any occasions.

They are hell bent to prove that they are right; and with their prevailing trend on these matters, it would be no surprise if they stoop so low to the extent of eating garbage, or applying their excreted shit all over themselves, just in their fervent bid to brainwash others to prove that they are right and others are wrong.

All this while people are starving, being killed, or duped or forced into cheap labor, so that these elite and rich in america can roll in luxurious lives at the expense of the poor worldwide.

Entering in to other peoples residences in their absence, and video recording everything in their rooms and using it to play unnecessary and harmful personal nonsense is illegally and slyly done in america. Sly inspections under various guises are carried out at foreigners places of residences. While these uncalled for and unwelcome inspections are given various high sounding technical and commercial names, the real purpose of these inspections is to intrude into foreigners places of residences, to get a look and feel of the foreigners, their living style, their personal belongings, their rooms and their lives.

Media has brainwashed people in an evil way. Vendors selling virus blocking computer software boast arrogantly that it is the foreign nations that are creating virus problems. However, that is yet another illegal, blatant and arrogant suppression of truth on the americans part. Further, none of these virus blocking or other security software can live up to their tall claims of security when the security servers themselves are corrupt and virus-laden in their dealings. Corporate controlled media tends to brainwash people to keep up the flare of ridiculous anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner sentiments in a confused, arrogant, and ignorant society, walking on crutches of their prehistoric regressed herd mentality of racial profiling.

White american professors snub, intimidate, and threaten students in subtle ways in classrooms and in their offices. Grade manipulation is slyly done even in machine scored bubble sheets. They take sadistic pleasure in abusing their powers to insult students in various ways. Professors take pride to commend themselves as economic predators. They manipulate students grades so that only their american white male blue-eyed and bootlicking students get good grades and scholarships, whereas the rest all get undeserved grades. They take pride in their self-acclaimed hard work of having attained american citizenship through generations of torture, suffering and oppression, and further having retained their self-bragged color of white skin, and further being blue-eyed and bootlicking as well. Surely, according to them, these qualities make them privileged in american society. This enables the universities to uplift the cause of the downtrodden white american males, save money on scholarships from those who do not fulfill the above mentioned requirements and expectations of the american white-male-dog-yelping society, and make money on those who repeat courses, amidst a war-bankrupted american economy. Education is not for educations sake; rather, education is a messy mixture of cut-throat businesses, don’t cares, politics, and racism embedded within it. Often times, white american professors cannot bear students counter-questioning them. Outwardly, they invite students to ask questions; however, when the students raise questions, the professors dislike is obvious most of the times, in their snubbing responses and illogical attitudes. The subtle message from professors to students is that while outwardly they welcome questions; however, in truth, they do not like students to ask questions as it strains the professors dull brains to think more; whereas the professors can wield dictatorial powers to sadistically torture students with sly deceptive multiple-choice questions during tests and exams and on top of it to hideously laugh sneeringly at the falling and suffering students. Students who question professors are seemingly a threat to professors insecure security. Students are judged from neighbors ugly good or bad recommendations on day-to-day basis. Exam performance is not the criteria; personal judgment is more involved, and professionalism is kept on a back stage in a time-warped american society that lives on the concept of ‘your success depends not on what you do, but on whom you know, and how you behave in the sense of tolerating oppression and concurring with the oppressors’. Technological advancement (and that too thanks to brains of foreigners, and not americans) apart, on the whole, the american society today, is in a downslide of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual collapse in to darkness of hell. The glitter of materialism and gold that is bloated more through deceptive media to the world, is a false signal to entice the world to bring their brains and money into america. Literally, america survives on international money (even though it boasts of aiding poor nations – that money is also thieved in a syndrome of ill-gotten wealth from other poor nations), in a vicious chain, same as that of multi-level-marketing, mlm, and hence, new comers to america are more welcome than those who have learned the truths about the dark interiors of america, its policies, americans and their drunken materialism-laden attitudes, and everything dark and hidden about the golden glittering midas americans as they are portrayed to the rest of the world.

In the same way that current american power-mongrels have thrived in an atmosphere of open legalized cheating and manipulation in all matters, various sectors of the whole american society have become brainwashed with that mentality to openly cheat and manipulate things in their favor, either through outright arrogance and intimidation, or through sly overhauling and timely tailoring of laws in their favor. The time-honored attitude in america amidst americans is that if you cannot get ahead yourself, then do all you can to trip others who try to get ahead of you; so that no one gets ahead. Their obnoxious ways are dear to them, instead of the usual collective advancement attitude that should be the true way for the whole world to move together and advance on a rock-steady foundation.